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Helping Others "Create Their Greatness"

I want to help the people who are already pushing their limits, but want to do more. People who are trying to reach the next step, but they’re burning out or overworked. I want to help them realize their potential so they can create their own greatness.

-Adam Comeau

Founder of 4thehardworking Ltd

Read what our customers had to say...

I use these at work when I'm feeling a little run down or need a little boost to complete a task at work. I definitely feel an improvement when I take these as I feel I'm able to focus better and perform better cognitively.


Since taking Renu Brain, I’ve started to notice major differences in my focus and motivation. I am more attentive and I have a much easier time recalling information I would normally forget!


Really helps stay alert and fresh while working long hours. The mental freshness lets me focus on more important tasks at work and at home. Plus I don't bring my remote into the kitchen and forget where I put it causing me to look for the thing for 30 minutes nearly as often.

Absolutely would recommend this product.


Great product! I was taking many of the ingredients already but in separate pills, I usually would just forego them or forget because it became a pain to take 6 pills every morning. This has had the same effect of really helping me operate without brain fog all in a two pill serving. I would recommend this to anyone!


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